Bubble Bobble is an acclaimed arcade game by Taito which went on to have its fair share of spin offs and sequels. Publisher Square Enix revealed a new game from the Japanese developer titled Puzzle Bobble Galaxy, will be released across PAL regions on the Nintendo DS this August. The new game is based on the Bubble Bobble arcade classic.

Puzzle Bobble Galaxy

The match-three puzzle game features the dinosaur brothers, Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble. Players have to use a cannon to shoot balls to the top of the screen where they have to match colors with a bunch of bubbles. It is up to them to ride deep into the space and stop the menacing enemies from controlling the universe.

“We’re delighted to bring the lovable and charismatic Bub and Bob back. With new challenges, features, and game modes, we hope for Puzzle Bobble Galaxy to be a fun and accessible experience for everyone on the Nintendo DS,” stated John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix.

Bub and Bob have to try and close ‘doors’ to alternate dimensions. These open to release bubbles which turn into space-debris and trouble the inhabitants of nearby planets. To close these doors, the brothers have to use high energy Cosmo Bubbles which drift around in space and are hidden amongst clusters of debris bubbles.

The game features improved effects and shops where players can buy extra modes, arrows and staff roll bubbles from. Factory, Pressure and Puzzle mini games can be enjoyed by users and 2-4 player multi-play is available via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection & DS Download Play. Characters from the game’s past make cameo appearances in The World View Construction. The New Versus & Communications rules allow players to acquire special bubbles which help to turn the game in their favour.

Nintendo DS users can purchase Puzzle Bobble Galaxy when it releases in PAL territories on August 28, 2009. The game is developed by Taito, and prices have not been mentioned.