There are some games like Grand Chase which come in the category of MMORPG. These kinds of games are very entertaining not only because of the role-playing elements, but also because of the action packed fun that they contain. The action we are talking about comes from the vast array of monsters that you have to fight against whenever you take up a quest. Most of them also feature a lot of different classes of fighters which you have to choose from. Only after making your choice will you be able to start playing. Some of these games allow you to create two or more character classes in a single account, thus giving you a chance to experiment with the other classes that are offered instead of just sticking to one class.

Grand Chase

You will also notice that most of these games have social interaction features, where you can chat and even send private messages to other players. If you find a group of players with whom you get along particularly well, then you can even form guilds. This guild feature comes in handy when you need to select team members to form a party of players to help you to complete certain difficult quests. So if you are a fan of games similar to Grand Chase, then you can also try out the following games.

1. Soul Saver Online:

The first option that we have for you is Soul Saver Online as it gives you many cool classes to choose from that is Novice, Magic User, Assassin, Fencer, Archer and Fighter. Once you have created a character, you can jump right into the battle and start fighting monsters. As the story goes, you will be playing as a Soul Saver by hunting down all the demonic souls that you find in the world of Pandemonium.

Soul Saver Online

The world is pretty huge as there are five different territories that you can explore. The demons that you find in these territories will drop weapons and other items when defeated. Your character will get valuable attack bonuses when these items are equipped. Some of the other features include fast-paced combat and your characters ability to transform into a fierce looking version of itself.

2. Lunaria Story:

Lunaria Story allows you to select from any of the three classes of warriors that are available, namely the Swordsman, Elementalist and Hunter. Each of these character classes come with their own weapons and other equipment that you will be using throughout your journey. There is not much to the story out here. You are basically playing as one of the aforementioned warriors and fighting all the evil creatures that plague the land of Lunaria. These creatures can be encountered while completing a quest.

Lunaria Story

The quests can easily be picked up from any of the non-playable characters who are present throughout the world. The graphics and sound effects are really nicely done in this 2D side scrolling title and you will definitely have a lot of fun playing in this colorful world.

3. Flyff:

Flyff is all about killing monsters and other beasts. But the best thing about this game is that your character can start flying once you progress to level twenty. At first, your character starts off at level one, but you can slowly increase it. And this is possible only by fighting the different levels of monsters that are seen all around the place.


Defeating monsters gets a bit tough if your character is still at a beginner level, but this won’t be a problem once you find a party to join. After you form a team with other players, you will realize that fighting monsters is a lot more fun. The fact is that playing in a team is a very advantageous and effective way to gain experience, especially if you are a newbie.

4. Maplestory:

The next one we can mention on this list of Grand Chase alternatives is Maplestory. The story tells of an evil Black Mage that has brought about a lot of destruction in the land. After being defeated by a group of heroes, he threatens to return.


So a new group of heroes need to be ready if he does and this is where your character comes into the picture. Like any good MMORPG, there are many classes of characters to choose from. A few common ones include rangers, fighters and mages. But this game also has some other unique classes such as pirates, demon slayers and assassins.

5. Elsword Online:

Elsword Online can also come on our list as it is another one of those popular adventure games with a few role playing elements. This pick gives you an overwhelming amount of classes and characters to choose from after which your destiny awaits you. This game has a manga comic inspired storyline which will take you on a grand adventure to face giant monsters and foil the plans of evil boss characters. You will be playing as any one of the main characters of the ‘El Search Party,’ who are on a mission to recover a stolen El Stone which possesses powerful properties. And they will fight anyone who gets in their way.

Elsword Online

The main attraction is mostly in the battles as you will get to learn some awesome combo moves that deal critical amounts of damage to your enemies. You also gain lots of rewards and skill boosts for your character to help you in your progress. Here, you have an option to fight in PVP battles where you can challenge other players and get to test the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

6. LaTale:

LaTale is another amazing title which we can add to our collection. This one takes you to the mysterious Kingdom of Elias where your character is a hero searching for the missing girl named Iris Riviere. And your story will unfold as you play. There are six classes that are featured here, namely Warrior, Knight, Soul Breaker, Explorer, Wizard and Engineer. Each of these classes has a separate sub-class.


All the classes and sub-classes have some cool skills that can be used as a special attack during battle. And the more your character levels up, the more the amount of damage it will be able to inflict on your enemies. You will also love the great anime-styled graphics and tons of zones available for you to explore.

7. Dragon Saga:

The last one on our list of games similar to Grand Chase is Dragon Saga, which also includes side scrolling mechanics. This has another great plot which you will have to follow as you keep playing. It talks about a powerful evil dragon by name of Elga who is on a mission to wipe out all of mankind. So now it is up to a group of fearless heroes to stop him.

Dragon Saga

Playing one of those would-be heroes, you have to train to become a skilled fighter in any of the given classes of Warrior, Thief, Magician, Archer, Shaman or Twin Fighter. You can take missions from any of the non-playable characters out here. There are lots of places to explore and many dungeons to raid, from where you get to collect some sweet loot.


These were a few of the games like Grand Chase which you can access online and play for free. There are tons of quests to indulge yourself in, that mainly involve slaying monsters. You can even get to meet other thrill seekers in these realms and battle them to improve your skills and develop a unique playing style.