Are you looking out for some games like Grepolis, which you can play on your browser? Well, then we have an awesome collection of the greatest strategy-oriented picks that will have you using up all the skills you gained from our main title in question. So if you are still searching for some that have good features and breath-taking graphics, then we suggest you try the following.

1. Ikariam:


This is the first one we have recommended on our list of games similar to Grepolis as it is the easiest one to learn and understand. In the beginning of your journey in Ikariam you will start off with just a fraction of land which you will have to nurture and try to evolve it into a grand city. The designers of this pick have made your job of expanding your base even simpler by given you four trusty advisers who will guide you during your progress. Once you start gathering the right types of resources, you can build many different types of structures to improve your settlement such as better military barracks, better academies for research etc. there is lots to learn and plenty more to discover in the land of Ikariam.

2. Travian:


The next one we present to you is this build and expand option titled Travian. In this browser-based game, you will get to erect a strong and powerful nation form seemingly humble beginnings, which is why this pick is very interesting. When you begin playing, you will get just one single building to work with, in the entire village area and then start constructing additional structures for there. As you learn to gather your resource materials and where to you them, your village will slowly improve in its size and start flourishing with life. Once you are well established you can then move to the next stages of trading with your neighbor’s or using your military forces to go and fight against theirs to plunder their wealth and use it for your own benefit.

3. Alliance Warfare:

Alliance Warfare

Alliance Warfare is the third title we can offer you on our list of Grepolis alternatives that you access for free on your web browser. The gameplay remains the same in this pick, although the graphics are much more enhanced than the previously mentioned ones. Here you will be practically playing as a ruler of a small region, but being the visionary that you are, you will now start gradually expanding your settlement into a great city with huge stores of resources and military power. Once you see that your city is well sustained you can then use all your knowledge and available materials to gather a massive army of different kinds of warriors such as swordsman, cavalry, crossbowmen etc. and the next step would finally be to march your troops into battle against enemy cities to capture or destroy them. There is always a war raging in Alliance Warfare.

4. Dark Age Wars:

Dark Age Wars

Here is another game with graphics and visuals which are pretty mind-blowing. And any gamer who loves playing strategy type of war games will feel right at home with this pick. This one has a realistic medieval-theme as you will notice from all the structures and the troops that you build out here. And since it is the Dark Ages you can expect to fight in many intense wars with enemies from other empires. As in any other pick of the same type, out here also initially you will start off with little supplies and equipment in your land, but as your game progresses all your patience and preparation will pay off as will soon witness the birth of your gigantic kingdom. Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive in the Dark Ages?

5. Evony:


Evony is one more popular medieval themed option which can add to our roster of games similar to Grepolis for you to check out. In this pick you will have to hit the ground running as you will need to build up a strong empire within a limited period of time as out here, you city can be attacked even by other players of Evony. The designers have given a stipulated time period to all newbie’s in this to build up their base to be strong enough to hold out against attacks from the troops of other players. But the time period is sufficient enough for you to learn the gaming mechanics and how to set up enough structures and train a good amount of soldiers and other troops to protect your city from any impending attacks for other rival players. This pick is a great choice for those strategy fans who welcome challenges.

6. Tribal Wars:

Tribal Wars

And finally we present to you is Tribal Wars which is another real-time strategy type of war game that you can play online and even on your iOS device or Android phone. The idea behind this one is the same as the games we have mentioned before this i.e. your basic task is to build a stronghold from a tiny village, collect vast supplies or store resources and then use these same resources to train hordes of warriors that will send a chill up the spine of any enemies that dare to even think of attacking your Kingdom. Since we are taking about the browser based online version of this one, you will get to part in many multiplayer battles if you would want to test your strategic and tactical skills with that of other players who love to play the games in the strategy category.


These six games like Grepolis have some exciting gameplay elements that will thrill any hardcore fan of strategy. Even beginners to the strategy genre will easily get the hang of playing these types of games as they come will a good detailed tutorial. But whether you are a novice or a seasoned gamer, these few picks will not fail to entertain you ever time you go online to play them.