7 Best PS Move Games

7 Best PS Move Games

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While conjuring up this collection of the 7 best PS Move games, our minds were taken back to 2010 when the peripheral released for retail, giving stiff competition to Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s already well established Wii. Now it’s pretty difficult and virtually impractical to give out a clear verdict as to who triumphed in this war of motion-based peripherals, but all three of these spectacular inventions have managed to carve their own niches in the quickly expanding gaming environment. While the Wii might not be able to generate as astonishing graphics as the PS3 and the Xbox 360 do, it covered up that flaw by being the first of such motion-controlled devices to arrive in the market.

Best PS Move Games

The Kinect for Xbox 360 now has a reputation of a family-based device that offers worldwide connectivity with its voice controls, apart from gaming of course. That brings us to the PS Move, which we think, delivers its own brand of motion-based gameplay that can be enjoyed with the unique wand controllers. So without much ado, let us start off with this list of PS Move games.

1 – Sports Champions:

Sports Champions

PS3’s very own Wii Sports brought with it six spectacularly crafted mini-games that proved to be quite a hit due to their high definition offerings. Maintaining a more realistic look, this game focused more on the sports aspect, while offering extremely accurate facilitation of body movements. A blend of modern as well as medieval sports makes its way into this game. These comprise Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Gladiator Duel, Disc golf, Bocce and our favorite, Archery.

2 – LittleBigPlanet 2:

LittleBigPlanet 2

This game continues to bathe in the tremendous success that it’s been enjoying ever since its launch in January, 2011. The sheer freshness that the series has brought with it has definitely opened up new avenues in the world of gaming. Move compatibility was added to LittleBigPlanet 2 in September through a paid download and this pack did well to further expand the infiniteness which the title already had on offer through its customizable gameplay.

3 – Killzone 3:

Killzone 3

A mainstream first person being played with the PS Move was a novel idea altogether and Killzone 3 managed to perform this feat with utmost effortlessness. This game’s 100% Move compatibly means that everything from its entire single player campaign to its online multiplayer modes can be played using the motion-control peripherals. Moreover, there’s the stunning 3D support which does wonders for your overall experience within this game that pushes it towards our best PS Move games lineup.

4 – Dance Dance Revolution:

Dance Dance Revolution

This iconic offering’s incredible popularity among arcade fans probably prompted developers to craft a version for today’s consoles. A dance mat as well as the Move controller can be used to shake a leg with this game’s shrewd interface. With a jovial collection of songs that can be danced on, Dance Dance Revolution is a perfect title to enjoy your weekend parties with.

5 – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 The Masters Edition:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Another sports game in our list of PS Move games, this offering from EA Sports provided fans with a chance to try their hand the prestigious Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. The Move feature is accentuated by the TrueAim function that lets players assume a first-person view. While looking down at the ball, you can adjust your shot and watch it sail past the beautiful milieus of the various golf courses present in this title.

6 – Dead Space Extraction:

Dead Space Extraction

Blasting Necromorphs was never so much fun before Dead Space Extraction came along and brought with it the powerful motion-control features that went on to cement its position as one of the best Move titles till date. Although it supports DualShock 3 as well as Sixaxis controllers, we doubt you’ll ever feel the need to have a go at the game using them. And adding to that, there’s the trademark Dead Space survival horror combat which when coupled with the Move functionalities, manages to immerse you deeper within the game. Those looking to purchase this title can also download it via PSN.

7 – Medieval Moves Deadmund’s Quest:

Medieval Moves

The most recent amongst the lot, this action-adventure comes from the developers, San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games, a collaboration which made Sports Champions possible. Swords, shields, bows and arrows, and all such stuff can be controlled just by wielding the Move controllers. The absolute delight that can be experienced during the widely varying combat sequences in this game is mind blowing, to say the least. In addition, this game also kicks in a rather quirky storyline, a large number of collectibles as well as support for leader-boards.

With this we wrap up our take on the best PS Move games, though we’d like to mention one thing before we leave you. Motion gaming still seems to be in its nascent stage at present and plenty of interesting titles definitely lie in store for us in the future. As for now, you can enjoy some excellent Move moments with the above mentioned games.


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