Atomic Games announces Breach for Xbox 360

Atomic Games announces Breach for Xbox 360

Here’s a first person multiplayer shooter title that is touted to give military shooter game fans a run for their money. Atomic Games has declared the upcoming launch of Breach, a first person multiplayer shooter for Xbox 360 that features Hydrogen Engine. The game offers players new ways to stun, manipulate and destroy their enemies in a uniquely styled multiplayer combat environment.


The game will have players donning the boots of elite field operatives in the US. Atomic Games has brought the clandestine world of black operations to virtual life with real-life spy gizmos, accurate weapons and gear. The game has an Active Cover system that allows players attach instantly to cover, move in and out of cover, peak and blind-fire from behind cover.

Atomic’s Hydrogen Engine lends players ingenious ways to use destruction with a novel toolbox of tactics. Gamers can punch their way through floors, crush their enemies by collapsing balconies or ceilings as also bring down interior and exterior walls. Newly created openings in bullet-ridden walls can be used to return enemy fire, the game environs being one in which practically everything that can serve as cover can be destroyed.

Atomic Games is scheduled to launch the game through Xbox Live Arcade this summer. No details on the expected pricing have surfaced as yet.