Uncharted PSP was in Development?

Uncharted PSP was in Development?

Naughty Dog has produced some brilliant stuff for Sony’s platform right from the days of the original PlayStation. They were the first ones who were able to harness the pixel pushing power of the PlayStation 3 with the original Uncharted and its sequel which has won numerous Game of the Year awards for 2009. Though the franchise has been immensely successful on the PS3 there has been no indication outright by Sony to bring the coveted franchise onto the Sony’s handheld machine.

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This comes in contrast to other successful Sony franchises that have been ported onto the PSP, the biggest one being Kratos’s journey against the Greek gods. This is being followed up by a recently announced sequel titled Ghost of Sparta. This however might not be completely true since we found Ben Weston’s profile, who had worked with Naughty Dog for quite a considerable amount of time and was also a part of the infamous ICE team which has been utilized for almost all first party Sony games till date. He also worked on Resistance: Fall of Man, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Heavenly Sword and Uncharted during his stint at Naughty Dog. The interesting bit of his profile comes in where he describes that he was working on an action game for the PSP during his tenure at the company.

The hint that gives us direction that this may indeed be Uncharted is when he describes he was working on volumetric clouds and particle effects on the game. This gives us an indication to the fact that it might have been an Uncharted game since it utilizes a lot of natural environments in its gameplay procedures. This is however where the trail regarding the game stops and there has been no further information regarding the title since.

There have been numerous rumors that have been floating around regarding the fact there is a PSP 2 that is being under development and will be unveiled at the E3 2010 extravaganza. So there is a huge possibility that the game might just be announced along with the console which is expected to power quite a wallop in terms of the visual department.