Grand Theft Auto IV India Launch Delayed

Grand Theft Auto IV India Launch Delayed

A few days ago, we had reported that video game distributors E-xpress Interactive had sent word that Grand Theft Auto IV would be released in India on the same day it was releasing in the other regions all over the world. Well, April 29 has come and gone, but gamers in India are waiting to get their hands on GTA IV.

GTA IV Niko Bellic

We got in touch with E-xpress Interactive and asked them whether Grand Theft Auto has been delayed as the game is not yet available in stores in India. A representative from the company confirmed that GTA IV has been delayed for the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3. When we queried him about the delay, he pointed to global shortages as a reason and did not give a confirmed date as to when GTA IV will be out in India.

We also spoke to a game retailer in Mumbai, he mentioned 15th May as possibile release date but nothing is confirmed as of now. However, copies of the PS3 version from other regions are available here but they cost Rs. 3500, which is Rs. 500 more than the Indian version.

So have you got hold of a GTA IV copy that is from another region? What version are you playing? We would love to hear about it, the comment box is below, just type it in!