Xbox Live India to be Launched in September by Microsoft

Xbox Live India to be Launched in September by Microsoft

It’s been a long time since Microsoft has launched the Xbox 360 in India. Gamers here were waiting for a long time to hear the words “Xbox Live India” from Microsoft. It seems that their wait is over as Microsoft is planning to launch the online gaming service in India.


360Indians, which is one of the biggest online communities of Xbox 360 gamers in India, have posted some details of the plans. Sanjoy, who is one of the senior members on the forums went to Microsoft India’s offices in Gurgaon and met with two top executives, Mohit Anand (Country Manager, Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division) and Vivek Kulkarni (Microsoft Xbox 360 Product Manager). He had a long tête-à-tête with them and these are the important things that he found out about Xbox Live India:

    Now obviously, the two biggest queries were with regards to the much awaited Xbox LIVE online service and Microsoft’s blockbuster Halo 3 title. And there’s great news on both fronts. Halo 3 will be launched in India on 24th and 25th September, and from what we hear, it’s going to be a big event, with possibly a high profile celebrity dropping by (we’re not at liberty to say who that may be). It is also confirmed that the Standard Edition and Special Edition will be available in India, but the Legendary Edition will not. The Standard Edition will be priced at Rs 1,895 (if the game is all you’re interested in, that’s all you’ll need).

    The Xbox LIVE launch will take place simultaneously from 23rd to 30th September. All of this will coincide with the Xbox 360’s first anniversary in India, which also falls on the 23rd. Xbox LIVE subscriptions will be available in 1 month, 3 month and 12 month denominations, and from what we hear, will be quite attractively priced. There may even be an Xbox LIVE bundle in the works, comprising a live subscription, a broadband internet connection and a game. For the uninitiated, Xbox LIVE is a service, previously unavailable to us in India, which allows Xbox 360 users to play with fellow gamers from across the world over the internet.

Besides this, Sanjoy also got to know that ‘John Woo presents Stranglehold’ will release in India and there will be new shipments of Gears of War and Forza Motorsport 2, which were sold out. Microsoft is also planning to hold a large conference for game developers and publishers. This conference will convince them to seriously consider India as a potentially lucrative market!

However, Indian gamers will not be lucky as their US counterparts who have an option of extended warranty. But there is hope that they ‘might’ get such a facility for Indian Xbox 360 gamers although before that, Microsoft will have to clear several obstacles for that to happen.

Thanks Sameer from 360Indians for the tip!