Zelda NES highlights this week’s Nintendo Downloadable Games

Zelda NES highlights this week’s Nintendo Downloadable Games

The Legend of Zelda, the first ever game from the iconic series, has landed on the eShop through this week’s Nintendo downloadable games. This release comes as part of Nintendo’s 8-bit Summer celebration, which also adds NES Open Tournament Golf to the eShop. A demo of Heroes of Ruins is amongst the other games that have arrived for Nintendo devices.

The Legend Of Zelda

First launched in 1987, The Legend of Zelda set up the base for many a successful title under the series. This game is now available for the 3DS at a price of 4.99 USD (approx. Rs. 280). At the same cost, gamers will even be able to download the classic NES Open Tournament Golf on their 3DS systems. First launched in 1991, this game contains three different modes and three fantasy courses set in the US, the UK and Japan.

Till 9 pm Pacific time tomorrow, 3DS owners will be able avail of a discount on Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword which was released back in February this year. Family Tennis 3D is another new game for the handheld. Selling at 6.99 USD (approx. Rs. 390), it will proffer gamers with casual tennis action which will be complemented by three minigames and six distinct courts. Besides, a free demo of Heroes of Ruin can also be picked up for the 3DS.

Family Tennis 3D

The final 3DS exclusive from this week’s Nintendo downloadable games is Akari by Nikoli which comprises 50 Akari questions that have been optimized for the handheld. It is priced on the eShop at 4.99 USD (approx. Rs. 280). For the Wii, two new offerings have landed this week. While a WiiWare title named Let’s Create! Pottery allows players to create pottery items with their Wii Remotes, a new Virtual Console game also launches in the form of the 1991 Neo Geo classic, 2020 Super Baseball. They can be purchased at 500 and 900 Points, respectively.

DS owners can have a look at Topoloco which is described to be a fun way to learn world topography. It’s available on the DSi Shop at 500 Points. The final entry into this week’s Nintendo downloadable games is 3, 2, 1… WordsUp!, a word-building title which sells on the DSi Shop at 200 Points.