Killzone 2 Engine Being Used In Unannounced Games?

Killzone 2 Engine Being Used In Unannounced Games?

We recently heard about the powerful upgrade planned out for the Killzone 2 engine, to improve upon its versatility for future prospects. Now there is information trickling down that the engine might actually put to use for other projects kept as a closely guarded secret within Sony’s Camp.

Killzone 2

Steven Tjoe, who works as a senior technical environmental artist at Guerrilla Games, might actually give us a few hints that point in this particular direction:

    Working on unrevealed projects. Utilizing experiences and contacts from Killzone2 to improve work process and tools (with Tech Art) to increase efficiency in performance optimizing and memory budgeting.

It not only confirms that the company is working on multiple games at this moment but also is using ways and means to improve upon the Killzone 2 engine which was a technological tour de force. Guerrilla Games have already showcased their expertise with the model of supporting high end visuals on the Sony’s machine. This just provides proof that the engine is being placed across a corridor of games set to arrive only on the PlayStation 3.