8 Best Warband Mods

8 Best Warband Mods

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Join us as we take a look at some of the very best Warband mods ever created. The title is the sequel to the original release and it brings in new features including a sixth faction and multiplayer support. The developer community has done a lot for this release by introducing various new capabilities which complement the already immersive gameplay experience. In our compilation, you’ll see various new features which include smarter AI, new factions and quests, fresh locations which are open to exploration and a lot more.

1. Diplomacy:


One of the greatest add-ons for the Mount & Blade expansion in question is Diplomacy which introduces various new features to enhance the overall experience. As a king, you get new capabilities such as the ability to throw threats at nearby kingdoms and benefit by gaining money for peace, send gifts to other factions, form an alliance, set a culture for your faction and a lot more.

When playing as a vassal, Diplomacy let’s you force the king into war, set tax rates, assign patrols to specific locations and also pay to evade defeat amongst others. This mod is quite complex with a plethora of features. It’s available as standalone and recently it was coupled with the .97 Companions add-on with a few changes. You’ll also find it in various other releases on this list.

2. Sword Of Damocles: Warlords:

Sword Of Damocles: Warlords

Warlords is an expansion to the Sword Of Damocles mod and it takes place in the lands of Ponavosa which is said to be 3.5 times larger than the landscape available in Calradia. The developer has brought over 200 troops and all 12 factions which were featured in the original release and they’ve been tweaked to deliver balanced gameplay.

As you progress, RTS elements come in play where you’ll need to raise building, manage troops, capture factions and a lot more.

3. NordInvasion:


NordInvasion brings a lot more excitement to multiplayer. It delivers co-operative action and role-playing elements where you can select a character class and also monitor stats. Here, you can complete quests to get your hands on rare rewards or craft items through the integrated system.

The main objective is to protect the realm of Swadia from the invading Nords. The only thing stopping the realm from being eliminated is Operation: Swadian Phoenix where you fight waves of incoming Nords.

4. Brytenwalda:


Brytenwalda is considered as a conversion mod for the game in question which completely overhauls the experience. Set in Britain during the 7th century, your goal is to unite Britain and Ireland. The add-on aims to be historically accurate by delivering retextured models to deliver an authentic appearance.

It provides a vast world to explore which comprise of the British Isles, over 40 cities and more than 75 castles in total. There’s a religion system as well, while bounty quests and Diplomacy have also been incorporated here.

5. A Clash of Kings:

A Clash of Kings

Mods can come as inspiration from practically anywhere. A Clash of Kings is one such example. The maker of this add-on is based it on the book series from George R. R Martin which is being televise by HBO as Game of Thrones. Set in the frictional universe of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Clash of Kings delivers a total of 18 unique factions, each having their own culture, settlements and troops.

The developer has introduced over 1300 new items designed with high quality visuals, a fresh interface and new animations. Apart from updated terrain and building textures, you’ll also be presented with sea travel and the ability to conduct battles on the ocean.

6. Floris Mod Pack:

Floris Mod Pack

The Floris Mod Pack is a collection of different add-ons from the community which aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience. One of the main features incorporated here are improved graphics. The creator is offering this package in different versions to cater to various needs. With the basic bundle, you get native gameplay with the addition of music, sounds and fresh items.

Expanded, on the other hand, delivers the entire Floris package for a rich experience. Then there’s Gameplay which is a stripped down version of Expanded which focuses on systems with low specifications. Lastly, Dev Suite is for other modders who want to tinker with the add-on.

7. cRPG:


cRPG is quite a unique mod for Warband. Being multiplayer only, it introduces a leveling system and player vs. player combat. While the developer hasn’t strayed far off with this addition, it does allow you to obtain equipment which can be used in battles. There are 4 types of combat offered here. In Battle, 2 teams take on each other until all players of one side are killed which then ends the round.

In Siege, your main goal is to capture the opposition’s flag, while Ragebook is essentially football where you don’t get thrown out for fighting. Co-operation gameplay is made available through Defend the Virgin where a team fends off incoming waves of enemies from destroying the belle of the village. Last on the list is Duel which offers PvP combat and a ladder system.

8. Blood and Steel

Blood and Steel

Blood and Steel is described as a very hardcore tactical combat simulation. At the start of each game, you get to select the difficulty which is very important here as a lot of changes take place based on your selection. One of the key highlights here is improved AI performance where computer enemies will do ‘unpredictable things.’

The equipment system has been reworked with overhauled items and siege assault has been improved to a great extent. Hit the source link for a complete list of features offered here.


These best Warband mods will enhance your gameplay experience to a great level. As always, do check compatibility and requirements before you install any add-on.


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