Sleeping Dogs on PC will Comprise High-res Texture Pack and Other Features

Sleeping Dogs on PC will Comprise High-res Texture Pack and Other Features

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Sleeping Dogs will be launching for PC on the same day as its console versions, and Square Enix has announced that the former platform will have a number of exclusive features that the others won’t. A high-resolution texture pack, 3D compatibility as well as multi-monitor support form part of the PC version of this upcoming open-world cop drama.

Sleeping Dogs

The high-resolution texture pack available with the game will proffer clear rendering for all of its graphical attributes. Those who will be running the title at its highest settings will be able to witness small objects in increased detail even from far distances. Moreover, upgraded in-game shadow textures, high quality shadow filters and support for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion also make their way into the PC version.

Developer, United Front Games has even added performance enhancements for dual and quad core CPU setups, Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire graphic cards, different keyboard and mouse configurations (including key mapping) and support for both 3D and multi-monitors on AMD and Nvidia hardware. There’s something within the PC version for Team Fortress 2 players as well. Those who pre-order it via Steam will receive eight new items through the title’s Triad Pack.

These include all-new hats, swag and tattoos as well as a fresh map. Dubbed King of the Hill, this battlefield has been inspired by the streets of Hong Kong it has been revealed, where Sleeping Dogs is set. Moreover, a 10 percent discount is also being offered for the game’s Steam version till its launch. It can be pre-ordered through the service now at 44.99 USD (approx. Rs. 2,765).