Rumor 101: Perfect Dark 2 – Xbox 360’s Next Humungous Killer App

Rumor 101: Perfect Dark 2 – Xbox 360’s Next Humungous Killer App

Microsoft’s in a bit of tangy soup at the moment, with so many mergers, acquisitions and transfers taking place, it seems the industry seems to be poised on a much more global front, majority of developers being engulfed in bigger organizations which push for a multi platform development.

Perfect Dark Zero 1

This year has been an absolute blast form Microsoft, its stellar line up of games has satiated almost every gamer’s fantasy, with regular intervals of AAA titles. Microsoft “may” end up very well being Sony of 2007, funny analogy but quite true, but where does this juggernaut do when the New Year dawns upon.

My sources tell me “Rare” will be back and ready to take the reigns from the Chief himself. The game is probably coming along considerably well and is a step up in the genre of first person shooters, cutting down on all the other festive string of words, Joanna dark is back in the “sequel” to the smash hit N64 game Perfect Dark.

Although most parts of the story are under wraps, I managed to get hold of a couple of hints to the game. Joanna’s character has got significant changes, she is darker than usual to give the player a feeling of a twisted edge and the entire game has tints of grey surrounding all the characters.

The world is now based on a morality system, choices are going to have a huge impact on the gameplay, giving players a variety branches in the storyline itself. (This was somewhat there in the previous games as well, but in those played out in terms of levels of difficulty).

The engine that is being used allows full interactivity with the environment, and there are probably going to be no cutscenes in the entire game, everything is going to be from the player’s perspective.

Half-life is the only game so far that can pull off such a trick and allow a pure sense of seamlessness in the entire game. The AI responds to emotions of fear and aggression of the player and its teammates.

Perfect Dark Zero 2

An official announcement is due sometime during the latter part of next year. Gamasutra had a little chat with a couple of its key members and this is what they had to say about their next project:

“Hopefully our next game will be out…We’ll be able to talk about something next year, we hope Hopefully you’ll see something from us before next Christmas.”

At this point of time this is still a “big rumor” floating around so wait for the official announcement guys. It’s definitely going to be big as Halo with Microsoft pumping it all up, and will probably test Rare’s true potential with the next generation of games.

Neelesh Mukherjee