80GB PS3 Launched in India by Sony

80GB PS3 Launched in India by Sony


Sony PlayStation India has launched a higher version PS3 that has 80GB of storage space. The 80 GB PS3 has 40GB more space than the earlier model and also comes with a DualShock 3 controller which saves power and you also get one free smash hit game.

PS3 “The introduction of high definition gaming and entertainment systems among the Indian audience is a result of extensive research into the entertainment needs and preferences of the next generation of PS3 owners. It has allowed us to deliver an extremely advanced, yet incredibly affordable High Definition gaming and entertainment system which has resulted in creating an entire new dimension to the overall entertainment experience,” said Atindriya Bose, Country Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment.

The PS3 80GB system has a host of interesting features. With the 80GB PS3, you can store and watch many more movies in high definition. Games come alive on the new PS3 which comes along with a wireless controller with DualShock 3, which does not feature in the earlier versions of the PS3. The new PS3 also has built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI output with 1080p support. The console allows online connectivity, be it playing against other players or just surfing the net.

The new 80GB PS3 is priced at Rs. 25, 990 in India by Sony. It can be connected to the PSP to play games or share files. The PS3 is powered by the Cell Broadband Engine and has a total of 512 MB of RAM.