2K Marin Hiring for Bioshock 2, uses U.E. 3x. and PS3 Version...

2K Marin Hiring for Bioshock 2, uses U.E. 3x. and PS3 Version Possible

One of the biggest games of 2009 has already made quite a buzz when it was officially announced a few months ago. BioShock 2 the rumored prequel in the “BioShock” series requires a lot of hard work and perseverance like any AAA game under construction in the secret labs of game developers.

Thus it is natural for the people in charge (2K Marin) to look out for fresh faces will give up their souls to painstakingly the world of Rapture once again that will possibly engulf the community 20,000 leagues once again. Although none of their job positions quite explicitly state they are looking out for people to work out on BioShock 2, there are 2 positions that probably signal that development is well under way and the target is creating a multiplatform experience including the Sony’s love child “The PlayStation 3” this time around, which never got to kill or save any helpless “Little Sisters”, well this time might not be so different.

2K Jobs

The job description for the Character Rigger/Animator states:

“We are looking for mad scientist who can bring the deranged souls of BioShock 2 to life. As a character rigger/animator at 2K Marin, you will be responsible for creating high resolution facial rigs as well as developing lower resolution in-game characters setups. You will create scripts to improve animation workflow. You will setup up physics systems to help bring ragdoll and secondary character animations to life. Additionally, you will assist in creating the thousands of animations required to make the world of Rapture compelling and richly layered. Come and embrace your inner Frankenstein.”

Who’s your Daddy…or should I say Biggg( Franken) Daddy.

2k Job Posting

The qualifications of the level designer requires:

“Education and experience:

Previous experience with a gameplay scripting language or high level programming language.

Experience working with recent generation game console technology (Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 or PLAYSTATION 3) and PLAYSTATION 3 experience is required.

Unreal Engine 3 experience preferred.

Previous basic 3DSMax and Photoshop experience is desired.”

Notice how “Playstation 3 experience” is put outside the brackets with special emphasis on it.

The studio seems to love the power of the Unreal 3.0 engine so I guess all the new features that you see in Gears of War 2 will be advanced even more by the time the sequel arrives on shore. Look out for further information on Andrew Ryan’s monstrosity in the near future (E3 2008).