Rome: Total War 2 on the Anvil?

Rome: Total War 2 on the Anvil?

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When it was released in 2004, Creative Assembly’s Rome: Total War had been well received by not only gamers, but by critics too. There were some expansion packs as well, but it seemed that there may be a sequel. Folks over at got a chance to speak to Sega’s Scott Steinberg at E3 2007 about Rome: Total War 2.

Rome: Total War

Sega had bought Creative Assembly a few years ago. Steinberg hinted that there will be a Rome: Total War 2, in an interview with He said, “…We’ve got the Creative Assembly guys doing Medieval and the follow along to Rome which we haven’t announced yet.”

There is a little chance that it could well turn out to be a new expansion pack of Rome: Total War. The original game was released for the PC, but if they come out with Rome: Total War 2, let’s hope it is developed for the consoles too. Sega has still not officially confirmed anything about the sequel. Keep watching this space for more details.