Test Drive Unlimited 2 to Release in 2008?

Test Drive Unlimited 2 to Release in 2008?

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Some games are so wonderful that you wish that the developers would soon release a sequel. Test Drive Unlimited is one of them. An unnamed source told a Polish website that gamers can expect Test Drive Unlimited 2 very soon.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 in 2008

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is under development for the PC as well as Xbox 360. It is expected to have off-road racing, dynamic weather and 2,400km of road. The game will include cars and off-road vehicles. Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Pagani, Saleen, McLaren, Lamborghini LM005, Mercedes GL, Audi Q7, Hummer, Range Rover and VW Touare are some of the cars that will feature in the sequel.

Atari has neither confirmed nor denied that there will be a Test Drive Unlimited 2. Nevertheless, there is a speculation that the game will be launched in March 2008. Test Drive Unlimited was a huge hit on the Xbox 360 and it was also released for the PC, PS2 and the PSP.