BurgerTime World Tour Hits This Week’s Nintendo Downloadable Games

BurgerTime World Tour Hits This Week’s Nintendo Downloadable Games

After having released through PSN last November, BurgerTime World Tour has landed on this week’s list of Nintendo downloadable games. Moreover, the 1991 Game Boy classic, Maru’s Mansion, has also been made available along with a collection of games named 40-in-1 Explosive Megamix.

BurgerTime World Tour

BurgerTime World Tour is a complete overhaul of the yesteryears arcade title, and has gamers escaping from angry veggies in order to make burgers. It takes place on 3D rotating cylindrical environments that are set in four culinary capitals of cuisine worlds. As many as twenty levels will be on offer with this game which is available now through the Wii Shop Channel.

Marus Mansion

Maru’s Mansion is a 3DS exclusive side-scrolling title which places players in the shoes of ninja Maru whose girlfriend, Cori, has been kidnapped by an evil samurai named Muramasa. He must now track down her whereabouts while taking care of various mythological monsters by wielding his powerful weapons. Following the trails of his enemies, Maru will be lead to six different locations that comprise bug-infested forests in America as well as the deserts of Egypt.

40-in-1 Explosive

As the named suggests, 40-in-1 Explosive Megamix proffers its players with forty different minigames from the puzzle, action and shooting genres. Meant for the DSi, this offering supposedly kicks in support for all the unique traits offered by the device. Furthermore, high-score tables, unlockable games as well as other extra features will also be seen making their way into the title.

While BurgerTime World Tour can be purchased for the Wii in exchange of 1000 Points, Maru’s Mansion sells on the eShop at a price of 2.99 USD (approx. Rs. 145). On the other hand, 40-in-1 Explosive Megamix can be downloaded for both the DSi and the 3DS at 800 Points and 7.99 USD (approx. Rs. 390), respectively.