THQ Unleashes uDraw GameTablet for Wii in North America

THQ Unleashes uDraw GameTablet for Wii in North America

Last month, we reported that THQ will soon release a new gaming accessory for the Nintendo Wii. The uDraw GameTablet has now been cruised into retail stores across North America just in time for the holiday season. Transforming gamers and their families into artists, this product turns the television set into a virtual canvass.

uDraw GameTablet Pictionary

“We’re delighted to work closely with Nintendo on the uDraw GameTablet, which gives Wii owners a fantastic creative outlet this holiday season. uDraw makes a perfect, affordable holiday gift that encourages artistic expression alongside great gaming experiences that are fun for the whole family,” beamed THQ Chief Executive Officer Brian Farrell.

“The uDraw GameTablet is an amazing addition to the Wii and opens up its creative possibilities,” remarked Reggie Fils-Aime, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America. “THQ has shown enormous innovation with uDraw, which is not only a perfect holiday gift, but we think will become a ‘must-have’ for Wii owners for a very long time.”

Two distinct titles dubbed Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure have been crafted to extend an immersive experience on the accessory. Gamers can translate their artistic vision into pictures as they doodle while playing Pictionary. They will also have the ability to save their artwork on a SD memory card for further use. In Dood’s Big Adventure players can navigate the in-game character across a twisted world for indulging in a side-scrolling escapade.

Wii owners across North America can now wrap up the uDraw GameTablet for upcoming holidays at the price of 69.99 USD (approx. Rs. 3,171). They can also grab Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary for 29.99 USD (approx. Rs. 1,359). The accessory is expected to reach Europe and other international destinations in early 2011. Lastly, it has been announced that starting next year, new games will be released for the tablet.