World of Warcraft joins Free-to-Play Club

World of Warcraft joins Free-to-Play Club

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An internet connection and a account are all one needs to enter the Warcraft universe. Yes, Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft will be free-to-play with any character until it reaches level 20. The Starter Edition replaces the 14-day trial version which was being offered earlier by developers.

World of Warcraft

The Starter Edition is aimed at providing gamers a glimpse of the title before they actually purchase it. The MMORPG can be acquired through the game’s website or by means of its recruit-a-friend program. Trial keys from other Blizzard games or products can also be used to obtain the free version. On completion of this free version, gamers can keep playing, but their experience points and levels will no longer increase.

The game however possesses some restrictions like the inability to trade via the auction house, mailbox or player-to-player. Public chat channels too will be absent in the game along with video chats. Characters would be barred from inviting other players into a party or performing transfers. They would also be unable to create or join guilds while their trade skills will be capped at 100 ranks. RealID features too are put out of action on all Starter Edition Accounts.

The Starter Edition covers some content from the first expansion pack, ‘The Burning Crusade,’ letting players create characters with two new races from that expansion. The game can be upgraded to its full version either through the Blizzard website or by actually purchasing the game.

World of Warcraft is now available free-to-play with its Starter Edition on the game’s website.