Xbox Fusion domains registered by Microsoft

Xbox Fusion domains registered by Microsoft

A number of Internet domains related to Xbox Fusion have been spotted to have been snapped up by Microsoft. This is leading many to believe that’s what the company is planning to call its upcoming console which is all set to be revealed on May 21 at a press event in Washington, US. The same name had also emerged in the past in the form of a series of rumors, but as was the case then, nothing has been authenticated by the company.

Xbox Fusion

Fusible has spotted that domain names like,,, and many others had been taken by Microsoft recently. Now, this is just one theory among the pool of many regarding what the console will be christened. Recently, an image suggesting its name to be suffixed with ‘Infinity’ had also been making the rounds. And some have even gone on to speculate that it could just be called the Xbox.

Rumors are all we have at the moment, as this is a matter of high secrecy for Microsoft. What’s sure is that we’ll get to know at least some official details about the next-gen console at the May 21 event. Following this, the company’s E3 press conference will take place, in which it is expected to showcase the lineup of games that will be made ready for it.

From a recent leak, its apparent price and release date details had also come to the fore. The machine will supposedly be sold by its maker in two forms: a standalone version costing 499 USD (approx. Rs. 27,000) and a Gold membership version which will be bound to a two-year old contract at 10 USD (approx. Rs. 550) per month, bringing its value down to 299 USD (approx. Rs. 16,000).

Always-on Internet functionality aside, there are even some more rumors about the console that are making the rounds right now. It is said to have been infused with a ‘Core’ (base) version of Windows 8. Of course, tons of such speculations are out in the open, and that’s what’s making us await the May 21 event with even more eagerness.

We’ll have more on the Xbox Fusion (720, Infinity, Durango or whatever) as and when details keeping coming out.