Microsoft Xbox 8 Domain Registrations Outed

Microsoft Xbox 8 Domain Registrations Outed

Grabbing headlines are Microsoft Xbox 8 domain registrations which have been granted to the company by the National Arbitration Forum. This was a result of Microsoft winning two disputes filed in May over a few Xbox-related domains owned by a Chinese citizen.

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As reported by Fusible, the domains,,, as well as and are now under the ownership of the mega company. While the first four names seem quite obvious, the latter two have sparked off heaps of speculations, with most of them suggesting that Xbox 8 could probably be the name of the much awaited next-gen gaming console from Microsoft.

There have been reports in the past that Microsoft’s Windows 8 would be implemented into the new console, and Xbox 8 is thus being considered by some to be the name of the gaming machine. And then there are even rumors that Xbox Infinity could be the moniker for the next-gen console, as flipping the 8 horizontally makes it the symbol of infinity.

Released in 2006, the Xbox 360 still remains without any official news about its successor. Some had predicted that this year’s E3 would see both Sony and Microsoft unveiling their new consoles to the world in order to counter the excitement surrounding Nintendo’s Wii U, but this speculation turned out be a complete flop if not anything else.

And then started rumors that next year’s E3 will definitely see both the companies revealing their future machines. The Microsoft Xbox 8 domain registrations are just some of the heaps of mysteries revolving around next-gen consoles, and we guess, everything can only be confirmed when the company wants to do so.