The Gunstringer to Feature Hardcore Mode

The Gunstringer to Feature Hardcore Mode

The Gunstringer, which is an upcoming Kinect shooter from Twisted Pixel will include a secret Hardcore difficulty mode that according to the developer is meant for ‘people who think that games can only be fun when the game abuses them.’ This Old West title is scheduled to hit North American markets on September 13, 2011 while the Europe release will take place on September 16.

The Gunstringer

The Hardcore mode of the game raises the difficulty to afflictive levels where enemies fire three times as often. In this mode, gamers lose double health and moreover, the health bar never refills. It also claims to have boulders and traps which are placed at unexpected locations. If players die, the penalty requires them to return to the dashboard and restart the game.

Other modes in the game include the ‘No-Fail Mode’ along with some commentary modes and the yet unexplained ‘Meatstringer’ mode. This title makes use of gamers’ bodies to control the game. Character movements can be managed by the left hand while the right hand can be used to aim and fire the gun.

Other big news related to the game is that gamers can buy a single bundle containing The Gunstringer as well as Fruit Ninja Kinect. Smartphone users will no doubt be familiar with the popular game which instead of fingers will track hand movements of gamers through the Kinect.

This bundle which will contain The Gunstringer with its Hardcore mode as well as Fruit Ninja Kinect can be pre-ordered currently at a price of 39.99 USD (approx Rs. 1,767).