Microsoft Introduces Xbox 360 Elite 100 Dollar Price Cut

Microsoft Introduces Xbox 360 Elite 100 Dollar Price Cut

We recently saw Sony reduce the price of its 80 GB PS3 in the wake of a drop in the PS3 manufacturing price. And less than 24 hours ago we reported on a rumour that the price of an Xbox 360 could plummet soon. Now it seems that Microsoft has responded to the PS3 price cut, dropping the price of its Xbox 360 Elite console by about a hundred US dollars in the United States. This Xbox 360 price cut is also seen across Microsoft’s other 360 models and will be effective as of tomorrow August 28, 2009. In addition, from now on, every Xbox 360 you buy will be compatible with the Project Natal.

Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop

“With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s already time to start looking for entertainment and gifts that everyone will enjoy,” stated Shane Kim, corporate vice president of strategy and business development for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “If you’re looking for deep experiences that don’t require deep pockets, now is the time to purchase an Xbox 360. We’ve got the best games, a vast library of TV shows and movies, new music experiences, more ways to connect friends and family, and so much more on the horizon including ‘Project Natal’ – no controller required.”

The Xbox 360 provides loads of entertainment and with the world of Xbox Live you can enjoy the latest games such as the recently released Madden NFL 10, Halo 3: ODST and many more. The Xbox Live feature also offers gamers more ways to connect with others, and music and movies coming this fall.

The Xbox 360 price drop will be effective starting from tomorrow. The Xbox 360 Elite will be available for an estimated retail price of just 299.99 USD (approx. Rs. 14,685), while the Xbox 360 Pro will be available for 249.99 USD (approx. Rs. 12,240) and the Xbox 360 Arcade is expected to retail at a starting price of 199.99 USD (approx. Rs. 9,790).