Nyko Zoom for Kinect Finally Hits Markets

Nyko Zoom for Kinect Finally Hits Markets

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After suffering a delay of almost one month, the Nyko Zoom accessory which is aimed at reducing the distance between gamers and the Kinect is finally out now in the U.S. and Canada. Meant for apartments, dorms and small living rooms, this peripheral apparently allows Kinect users to enjoy their motion based games in forty percent less space.

Nyko Zoom for Kinect

The Nyko Zoom for Kinect is mounted with a series of proprietary lenses that can be attached in front of the Kinect camera with the help of a clip-on. The Nyko Zoom accessory for Kinect claims to let two gamers play within space that can otherwise be utilized by only one person. No additional cables, power or installation is required to make use of this device. It is also compatible with all Kinect software.

“Kinect gaming will continue to grow, and with Zoom, we are able to help expand that user base by providing a solution for those looking to enjoy Kinect in a smaller environment. The Zoom is incredibly simple to install, and most importantly, it works. Starting today, even more people can enjoy the thrills of being the controller,” revealed, Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies.

Normally the distance that gamers are required to keep between them and the Kinect is 6 to 10 feet. However, with Zoom attached this distance is shrunk by 40 percent allowing users to stand just 3 to 6 feet away from the sensor. Moreover, this accessory does not interfere with images and videos taken from the Kinect.

The Nyko Zoom for Kinect can now be purchased by Xbox 360 gamers in the U.S. and Canada from select retailers. It is currently priced at 29.99 USD (approx Rs. 1,427).