New Dead Space, Need for Speed Games Expected by March 2013

New Dead Space, Need for Speed Games Expected by March 2013

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Brand new titles in the Dead Space and Need for Speed franchises are slated to arrive on the gaming scene by March 2013. Amidst the heap of rumors buzzing around, this piece of information was apparently revealed by publisher Electronic Arts during its recent financial call.

Dead Space 3

According to Eurogamer, both these games were claimed to be listed amongst EA’s blockbuster releases which are scheduled to arrive within the next 12 months. However, besides simply stating the obvious, the company hasn’t yet disclosed any other concrete details pertaining to the duo during the investor call.

Furthermore, Peter Moore, chief operating officer at EA has shed some light on a few games that players can expect to see in the near future. He stated, “In the months ahead you can count on new iterations of PopCap franchises like Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies.”

The news about the forthcoming games, especially in these two particular series’ doesn’t come as a complete shocker to avid players. Just last month, South African retailer, BT Games, grabbed headlines by listing both games on their website. When the news began to garner attention from the media, the pages containing these titles were swiftly pulled off the web.

NFS Most Wanted Logo

So what can we expect from Dead Space 3? Well, if the chatter echoing around the gaming terrain is anything to go by, the upcoming iteration might just take place in a frozen planet of sorts. And as far as the NFS title goes, it appears that a retailer listing for Most Wanted 2 has freshly been spotted.

With only tiny threads of information to satiate our appetite, we can look forward to EA unveiling more details on the new Dead Space and Need for Speed games as well as other forthcoming titles at the E3 which is slated to begin on June 5, 2012.