Nimbus 64 Latest Portable Nintendo 64 Mod

Nimbus 64 Latest Portable Nintendo 64 Mod

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The gaming terrain has seen its fair share of console mods with units such as the Steampunk modification of a Nintendo Gameboy console and Benjamin Heckendorn’s PS3 slim laptop mod. Now as revealed in the benheck forums, a new Nintendo 64 portable mod has surfaced christened as the Nimbus 64.

Nimbus 64 Mod

The latest portable offering is reportedly fashioned by Cndowning who discloses that the latest entry is his second N64 mod. The creation of the Nimbus 64 took only six weeks to complete and features loads of separate components. These include a Nintendo 64 with Expansion Pack, custom vaccum formed case, Zenith PS1 screen and other electronic parts.

Cndowning has utilized D-pads and control sticks plucked right out from Game Cube controllers. As seen divulged in the forums, he has also employed PlayStation buttons on the rear of the unit which are supposedly used as R and L buttons.

The complete six-week process of the creation of the Nimbus 64 has been unveiled in the benheck forums.