Twilight The Video Game Wont be MMO: BrainJunk Studios

Twilight The Video Game Wont be MMO: BrainJunk Studios

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Recently there were certain rumors doing the rounds about an upcoming Twilight MMO. Now, dispelling all speculations, BrainJunk Studios has stated on the official Twilight video game website that the highly anticipated game will not be an MMORPG.

Twilight Video Game

It was also confirmed that the game is a non commercial project meant for everyone involved in the venture, and that the game is being developed for academic purposes. From what else has been mentioned on the website, it can be deduced that the currently-in-development game is a product of the ‘passion’ of a few fans.

Apparently, the story of the game is based on the immensely successful Twilight movie franchise. The action game will allow you to explore the open worlds of Forks and Washington as a vampire, human, or werewolf. The game’s journal lets the player travel back and forth in time to witness events that have been written in it.

Developer, BrainJunk Studios expects Summit Entertainment to publish the game once all the kinks have been worked out. It plans to launch the game on as many platforms as possible and has not ruled at out any at this time. No release dates or prices have been confirmed yet.