More Evidence Pointing Towards Killzone 3?

More Evidence Pointing Towards Killzone 3?

The rumor mill has been churning about the resurgence of this year’s critically acclaimed shooter Killzone 2, sometime next year. Although Sony and Guerilla Games refuse to comment on this proposition, there is enough material to suggest that the team at Guerilla games is busy working hard on their next project. Mathijs de Jonge is currently working as a Game director on an undisclosed project.

Mathijs de Jonge Profile

This same stance is observed with Chris Haluke’s profile who currently assumed the role lead level designer and is working on an unannounced project. Andreas Varga worked on the technology powering the graphical beauty of Killzone 2, is fiddling around with PlayStation 3 technology on an unannounced project. Stuart Billinghurst has been associated with Guerilla Games as a senior game level designer for the last eight years of his life and even he is working on an to be announced project.

One thing that can be undoubtedly ascertained is that the developer is clearly working in full flow on their next project which should carry the towering production values that went into crafting the structure of Killzone 2.

The question of it appearing in 2010 seems to be a bit doubtful since there are too many high profile games that are due around next year (and we do not include Halo: Reach, which will throw its weight around bigger than any high profile game due). The outlook for a mid 2011 release fits into the scheme of things with a debut at next year’s E3.

The company has already worked upon the technology during the production of its previous game. Now they need to fine tune all the elements within it to bring a whole new dimension of surrealism into their next big magnum opus which we hope is Killzone 3.