Sony pumping up Another Visual Heavy AAA FPS?

Sony pumping up Another Visual Heavy AAA FPS?

We’ve had our share of Killzone 2 gorgeousness and violence being sprayed across our social lives in the beginning of 2009 already. But it seems that Sony has under wraps that is yet to make jaws drop and make us ogle even more. Su-Cheng Wu LinkedIn profile seems to reveal that another first person shooter is on cards for Sony’s “slim” machine.

Su-Cheng Wu Sony

He details his current work as, “Producing all human character faces for a coming soon AAA FPS PS3 title. Based on the MVP (Modeling Via Photogrammetric Texture Pipeline) pipeline (RnD Project that I led) and its upgrade MVP-XP (Expression) Pipeline.” This MVP project was used to create some of the most realistic faces in Sony’s MLB title which provided the most authentic looking human faces till date.

Although there is no indication regarding the project from Sony themselves, his previous work showcases some stunning texture work from the ill fated dragon rail shooter “Lair.” This could either point towards a sequel in the list of shooters (read Resistance: Fall Of Man / Killzone 2) that Sony already has under its belt or could also be an entirely new franchise that they are yet to announce.

Either way if the quality of their first party lineup stays consistent as Uncharted 2 / Killzone 2 / Ratchet and Clank series then PlayStation 3 owners have more to rejoice on their hands, or should we say palms and fingertips.