6 Best Mass Effect 3 Mods

6 Best Mass Effect 3 Mods

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Today’s platter is being served with the best Mass Effect 3 mods you can download and enjoy on your PCs. BioWare’s ME trilogy has been a regular on the Windows platform, and that has resulted in a large number of interesting modification being released by its community on a regular basis. You can voluntarily accept to download these alterations to gain their varied benefits, but there’s always a risk of things going wrong, so make sure you make all the required backups before installing them. Mass Effect 3 came out in March last year, and managed to gain extreme critical acclaim (our review) for its deeply involving role-playing gameplay which is punctuated brilliantly by third-person shooter combat.

Fraught with the series’ trademark sci-fi brilliance, it allows you to step into the shoes of Commander Shepard and gather up enough resources to fend off an alien race trying to capture the entire universe. This is done not only with combat, but also by playing politics, which forms a major part of the whole experience. The mods we’ve listed below will only look to enhance your time with the game, without actually affecting its core system. Word of warning though; these unofficial mods are created by the community, and can damage your game files, so read all their instructions before installing them. Let us now have a look at which are the ones that have made it into our list.

1 – Save Editor

Save Editor

Anyone familiar with the Mass Effect series will know that saves matter a great deal when you’re playing these games. Your decisions in one game will not only affect the story consequences of that game alone, but also of its successors. Which means different people can have completely different stories based on their choices. This is where the Save Editor mod comes in.

It lets you literally play around with your progress within Mass Effect 3. You can either create a completely new save controlling just about anything you want it to contain, or you can alter your existing save files to include or exclude things according to your wish. The Save Editor mod even allows you to unlock romances, change appearances, inflate or deflate your war assets, gain extra credits and more.

2 – The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod

Happy Ending Mod

A big controversy had erupted upon Mass Effect 3’s release, with players having cited discontent with the game’s original endings owing to a general lack of closure and inconsequential choices. To address this uproar, BioWare went out of the line, and delivered a free DLC which didn’t change the ending, but gave a more detailed look at the whole affair. That’s when MEHEM came into the picture, with its excellently crafted final stages of the game.

This surprisingly well developed mod offers a reinterpretation of the series’ conclusion, and features custom videos and slides, re-engineered gameflow, original and re-arranged voice acting, new music and more. If you’ve completed the original game, MEHEM should definitely be tried by you.

3 – Cinema Mod

Cinema Mod

This wonderful mod is all about visual pleasures. It alters the game’s graphics in order to render a completely new look. In technical terms, it utilizes the ENB Series and FXAA PPI tools for the fine-tuning and post-processing of frames before they are displayed on the monitor.

The Cinema Mod essentially manages to change the title’s atmosphere by modifying its color palette. A beautiful blue filter is added to its visuals as well.

4 – High resolution mod

High resolution mod

For the purists, texture mods matter a great deal when they’re playing PC games, as they give them a true visual overhaul. Mass Effect 3’s high resolution mod upscales the textures of all of the title’s characters, weapons, buildings and vehicles, and moreover this mod can also be applied to the game’s multiplayer component, its Omega DLC and its Leviathan DLC, apart from the single-player portion of course.

The fresh textures of this mod have been upscaled from 1024 x 1024 pixels to 4096 x 4096 pixels.

5 – Mother of All Mods

Mother Of All Mods

Mother of All Mods stays true to its name, and offers different presets of modifications related to a number of aspects of the game. This coalesced mod allows you to install four weapon/combat tweak versions, granting you distinct scenarios during firefights.

Moreover, it also contains alternate key-bindings as well as unlocked armor, outfits, weapons, store items and more. Within the game’s character creation system, a large number of pre-generated faces get added as well.

6 – SweetFX Mod

SweetFX Mod

Essentially a lighting mod, SweetFX is all about little details that are illuminated to make Mass Effect 3 an all the more attractive game. In comparison with the Cinema Mod, this one seems a bit more advanced in the sense that these lighting effects clear the cloudy blue filter within the title in order to clean and sharpen up the scenes and characters. This mod works in the background, and doesn’t sacrifice much performance while it’s at work.

Those who own copies of Mass Effect 2 can also download a different version of this mod for the said game. But while the lighting effects are adjusted for Mass Effect 3, for its prequel, you’ll need to start from scratch. Go for this superb mod if you’re all for overhauling the complete looks of your game.


Those were all the best Mass Effect 3 mods we could gather for you. Remember, installing and applying these mods requires long and complicated processes which have the possibility of harming your game files. It is always advised hence that you back up your save files.


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