8 Best Tycoon Games

8 Best Tycoon Games

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Each of the following titles on our list of the best tycoon games has some amazingly peculiar elements that grant them the matchlessness needed to wriggle onto the lineup. Although a very small number of such titles are being dished out these days, the golden age of such games can rightfully be referred to as ‘long gone.’ For most of us, these entrants bring back pleasant memories of the past that just can’t be wiped off by any of the best-selling games of today’s generation. Their unique business models, unexpectedly simulated events, money-management and construction activities unite beautifully to create products that are worth every hour you put in.

Best Games

From creating your own dream rollercoaster, to the construction of sprawling railway networks, from building animal-shelters to concocting lemonade for massive turnovers, these games give you the liberty to choose an alternate profession, immerse yourselves in daily workaday activities and make billions of virtual dollars, all on your computer screens. We’ve had to venture down memory lane in order to create this catalog of some of the best such titles around. Let’s have a look at them.

1 – The Movies:

The Movies

Lionhead Studios is best known for its much appreciated games from the Fable action RPG series. But the developer even has to its credit a brief stint with the business simulation genre. The Movies is sheer brilliance with its innovative gameplay that places you in the shoes of a Hollywood film mogul, who’s running a studio and creating films.

It’s most appealing aspect is the versatility it grants you with respect to your job. Apart from making any type of movie you ever wanted to, you can indulge in such actions as scouting out the next big stars, deciding the fortunes of your flicks by looking into the slightest of their characteristics or just going with low budget ones that have objectionable content. There’s even a Stunts & Effects expansion pack out now which adds to the game exactly what its title suggests.

2 – Lemonade Tycoon 2:

Lemonade Tycoon 2

Based on the rather ambitious idea of selling lemonade to earn millions, LT 2 is as distinct as it gets. The second title among our suggestions for the best tycoon games is sure to strike a chord with fans of the genre. It asks you to devise your own peculiar lemonade recipes and sell to all kinds of customers, while constantly keeping track of their demographics and behavioral patterns. Who knew selling lemon juice involved such peculiarities, right? Well, we’ve mentioned just a few here and you’ll be amazed to see the remarkable traits this game has on offer. It features a total of nineteen distinct locations scattered across New York City, and it even has three different modes to choose from.

3 – Beach life:

Game 3

A lesser-known game as compared to the other entries here, Beach Life is one which lets you build from scratch a holiday resort, and all the different activities that can flourish around it. You can construct buildings, hire staff, and do all the stuff needed to make yours the best resort beach around. This rather old game came out back in 2002 exclusively for PC under the publishing eyes of Eidos Interactive. It has been developed by Deep Red Games, the same studio that gave us Monopoly Tycoon, which also happens to be the next title in our list.

4 – Monopoly Tycoon:

Monopoly Tycoon

This highly-rated title is based on the popular board game, and looks to deliver all the excitement that the latter charmingly conveys. It is often described as an amalgam of SimCity and Monopoly. It not only offers you city building elements, but also throws at you challenges regarding property management and unpredictable economics. Your success in this game depends on your business skills and that’s what makes it a worthy fit in our collection of the best tycoon games. Back then, in 2001, online multiplayer support was also available for this title with the help of the GameSpy Arcade software.

5 – Zoo Tycoon 2:

Zoo Tycoon 2

ZT 2 offers some amazing scenarios that are sure to grab the fancy of any fans of the business simulation genre. It has several distinct objectives like keeping guests and animals happy, maintaining employees, finances, terrain and scenery. As you move towards your goal of becoming the ultimate zoo baron, you are required to create a sanctuary for animals which not only protects them, but also keeps them happy by offering a near-natural environment.

While its Freeform mode offers complete freedom of development, the other modes have been infused with certain limitations to increase the thrill factor. A number of expansion packs were also doled out for the game subsequent to its launch.

6 – Roller Coaster Tycoon 3:

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

The fist RCT game was one of the best things to have happened to the business simulation genre, and RCT 3 marked the franchise’s jump into the 3D graphics arena. The isometric viewpoint was replaced by a 360 degree view of the entire landscape, while a number of limitations from the previous games made an exit from the franchise with this title. One of the most eye-grabbing additions is the CoasterCam feature which allows you to ride rollercoasters and other rides delivering a first-person viewpoint.

Frontier Developments, the studio behind the wonderful Kinectimals had crafted this title back in 2004, but it’s still enjoyed by gamers thanks to the tons of mods available on its official forums. This year will also mark the launch of the first handheld title from the series, which will be released for the 3DS.

7 – Wildlife Park 2:

Wildlife Park 2

This seventh addition to our catalog of the best tycoon games allows you to take care of an entire wildlife facility and look after each and every one of its members. More than eighty different animal and plant species are available for breeding in this game.

As the manager of the park, you are faced with catering to all the needs of the creatures, organizing your team of landscape architects, gardeners, keepers, veterinarians and scientists as well as building visitor facilities and staff quarters to run the park efficiently. It is available now exclusively for PC from a number of different retailers.

8 – Sid Meier’s Railroads:

Sid Meier's Railroads

When it comes to simulation games, Sid Meier is the master of the craft. Hence the association of his name with a title almost guarantees brilliance. And brilliance is exactly what Sid Meier’s Railroads delivers. Meier had crafted the original Railroad Tycoon, but its subsequent iterations were created by PopTop Software. He marked his comeback to the series with this game, considerably altering trademark gameplay.

As you go along building your own railroad empire, you must also take care of corporate warfare brought about by your adversaries, other entrepreneurs and even robber barons. Apart from the main sand-box mode, real-time LAN and Internet play are also possible with Sid Meier’s Railroads.


We’ve done our research and granted you games that are the best in the business when it comes to simulation titles. All these entrants though easy to learn, force you to use your brain in order to devise the best strategies on the path to becoming a business mogul. Make sure to try at least a few of the best tycoon games we’ve listed above, and do come back to share your experiences, which we’re sure will be pleasant ones.


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