Rumor 101: Microsoft’s “Metal Gear” for the Xbox 360

Rumor 101: Microsoft’s “Metal Gear” for the Xbox 360

Metal Gear for Xbox 360

There are still a few days before the New Year officially dawns upon us. But the industry is in no mood to slow down. If you guys thought that 2007 was one of the biggest years, it would be a mere understatement, for 2008 shall bring us to our knees for it is the return of the prodigal son on his favorite console and this epic drama under the guise of an espionage game gets better and better each time we witness it in motion. (Drum Roll) and Snake slithers onto our television screens.

It seems absolutely impossible to notice that Microsoft is unfazed by Metal Gear Solid 4, the titan of all games released during the year on the PS3. Splinter Cell: Conviction might not be powerful enough to scratch our beloved Solid Snake, so Microsoft has decided to bring something as brilliant as the game on the 360.Word has it that the company is in collaboration with a highly talented studio that can give their Xbox 360 something way better than Snake.

According to sources, Microsoft executives saw a brief demo of the game and came back thoroughly impressed. The core gameplay mechanics has somewhat been finalized, but the studio is yet to decide on the gameplay perspective (first person Vs third person). The game is rumored to take place in the future and will incorporate major political events that have occurred in the last few years. The studio has managed to pull off visuals that were previously thought to be next to impossible on the Xbox 360 and is supposed to look better than any PS3 game that has been shown or is available on the platform exclusively till date.

Metal Gear loggerheads and fanatics are going to have an insanely twisted time with the game, says the source. Watch out for further announcements regarding this uber-title sometime in the middle of 2008.