L.A. Noire Gameplay Mechanic Detailed: Based on Real Life Murders?

L.A. Noire Gameplay Mechanic Detailed: Based on Real Life Murders?

The infamous, once PS3-exclusive L.A. Noire has been elusive for quite a number of years. Once assumed to be a defining title at the beginning of this generation, it was forgotten with the massive influx of highly set of games that arrived both on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. L.A. Noire’s story was supposed to be set in the 1940’s and a tale that was filled with detective elements and espionage.

L.A. Noire

Well, we managed to stumble upon a bit of the information before a supposed big reveal that is about to take place next month. This particular piece of information relates to a gameplay mechanic that is present in the game. Viljar Sommerbakk, who worked as a designer on the game was required to record real crimes that occurred in L.A. in 1947 from local newspapers and then feed this information into an event database which would subsequently generate gameplay missions/cases for the player to solve.

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This mechanic of generating missions on a random basis has been employed in numerous sandbox games, but none have been based on real life events and this is what will shift the entire level of immersion to a new level which in the world of videogames usually relies on fiction. To visit a list of cases that took place in Los Angeles we dug up a site called 1947 project which lists an enormous number of criminal cases that took place in the city during that period of time, the most infamous of which was the Black Dahlia case, which remains unsolved to this very date.

The game was initially scheduled to arrive exclusively on the PlayStation 3, when it was originally announced but with the passage of time but there were numerous rumors that it was indeed coming onto the Xbox 360. Next month, we shall know the status of this long awaited game which has remained elusive so far. Even with the massive influx of games this season we are still looking forward to this game since it aspires to bring in a whole new perspective on gameplay, with its realistic form of gameplay mechanic.