New Aliens vs. Predator game in production: Sega

New Aliens vs. Predator game in production: Sega

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Twentieth Century Fox in association with Sega Europe and Sega of America said that they will be making games based on Twentieth Century Fox’s Aliens universe. Players can choose between three characters, an alien, a predator or a human marine, each having their own abilities and range of weapons.

Aliens vs. Predator

“Sega continues to create masterful games based on our Aliens franchise and this new addition is sure to continue their successful track record,” commented Gary Rosenfeld, Senior VP, New Media for Fox L&M.

“The innovative new AvP game presents an exciting opportunity for us,” remarked Naoya Tsurumi, CEO of Sega West. “It represents a fantastic addition to our growing Aliens franchise and the reinvention of one of gaming’s most cherished iconic titles. By adjusting the release of our other Aliens titles to accommodate it, Sega will ensure that every title lives up to the high expectations of Aliens and AvP fans.”

Aliens vs. Predator 2

Sega is to put out an all new Aliens vs. Predator game early in 2010. Independent developer Rebellion is currently working on the game. SEGA has also restructured the release of other Aliens titles in the portfolio it had issued. Sega said that they would keep us as up-to-date as possible and that they would be releasing more details on the new AvP game shortly. So far no platform has been announced.