Rumor 101: Duke Nukem Showing up in 2008

Rumor 101: Duke Nukem Showing up in 2008

Boy – Agraaahhhh… It’s a big tentacle monster…. The world is in peril, the lights seem fluttering…Mommy am scared…where’s Duke…?

Mommy – Duke’s been missing since Dr.Carmack kidnapped him for testing on Quake II, and then he was napped by the Unreal guys… and has been missing ever since. George keeps saying, he going to arrive when he’s done.

Duke Nukem

Well the industry joke has stayed consistent for 10 straight years; Dr. Photon never attacked the planet. The King never got to snuff up things up and his ego has been down in dumps ever since he went in for psychiatric rehabilitation for using the phrase “When its done too” often.

The doomed vaporware game surfaced early this year when George Broussard posted a recruitment advertisement along with an ugly menacing looking “real time” shot of a pig and a small thumbnail of environment in the game.

An insider reveals that significant progress has been made on the PC code of the game and development has finally picked up its pace over the year. The game’s look is supposed to be completely over the edge with tons of stuff returning from the original series (Shrink ray and Nuke button rumored to be confirmed).

The gameplay is being pepped up with attitude, killing a mutated pig with a 8 ball stick never felt so good, a console version is also being planned upon simultaneously, and expect further announcements around some big gaming expos next year.

“Hail to the King Baby”….

Neelesh Mukherjee