A3 India by Sify – The Beginning of an MMORPG Scene?

A3 India by Sify – The Beginning of an MMORPG Scene?

A3 India

MMORPG’s are a rage worldwide and now this trend seems to be catching on in India. Sify has been fast to exploit this trend. They have introduced a premium MMORPG- A3 from Korea. A3 India, as the name suggests is the Indian version, which promises to enthrall the Indian audience with its intense graphics and amazing visual effects.

A3 stands for Art, Alive and Attraction. The game promises to have a continuous, updated storyline spread throughout different levels. A3 India, which is set in a fantasy world, allows gamers to have varied experiences with different characters, make new friends and form their own guilds with many other players.

A3 promotions have been running full swing since April, when SIFY arranged for promotions at family-oriented places like malls and multiplexes in Gujarat. In May, SIFY moved to Mumbai, promoting this game again at various malls. Delhi is next on the list. Now that colleges have reopened, SIFY has arranged for the mobile gaming café on wheels, outside colleges such as St. Andrew’s college, Ruia College, National College, S.I.E.S, Mithibai College and Bhavans College among many others.

Our team at GameGuru.in visited the mobile gaming café- the A3 India Van outside St. Andrew’s College. After a talk with the people in charge at the A3 India van, we decided to head inside the van to see what all the hype was all about.

A3 India  Van

This unique mobile gaming cafe is fully equipped with around 6 laptops, internet connections, webcams and game jockeys (a.k.a GJs, the volunteers who help users to get started). The space inside the van was filled up, so if you suffer from claustrophobia, think twice before stepping in the van! SIFY has received a tremendous response, with around 160 users coming in each day to register and to get a feel of A3 India. The age-group that this game is popular with seems to be 15-22 years.

Once inside, we were instructed by the GJs to get ourselves registered via the internet. Having done that, we then proceeded to play this much talked about MMORPG- A3 India. We were told that in the Korean version, known as A3, there was much more nudity. However, to suit the Indian culture, the content in A3 India has been mellowed down. The characters attire has been designed to match the parameters of the Indian mindset.

Basically, there are four main characters- The Holy Knight, the Warrior, the Mage and the Archer. Each of these characters has their own cyber pet a.k.a “Shue”.

The Holy Knight: Using both combat and magic skills, the Knight offers most diverse game play among play characters.

The Warrior: As Master of close encounter Combat, Warriors use two hand Swords, Spears, and Axes as their main weapons.

The Mage: A pure arcane user, her class is Long-range attack using the 3 basic elements of nature, Fire, Ice, and Lightning as the source of her magic strength.

The Archer: Armed with a bow and arrow, the Archer is able to assault her enemies from a distance with the help from elements such as fire, ice and lightening.

The Warrior seems to be a popular favorite amongst A3 gamers. Even though there are two female characters, female gamers do not necessarily opt for them. They are known to go in for the popular Warrior or even the Holy Knight. Yes, there are female gamers! The ratio of male: female gamers who visit the van are 80:20. That’s quite good, considering the fact that the gaming trend is now catching on with the “gaming dolls” in India.

After one has registered themselves, the GJ provides you with your very own free copy of A3 India CD. Don’t fret if you have a dial-up connection, you can still connect to the A3 server and play the game, although the game play would be slow and you might risk losing points and maybe your life as well. So you might experience difficulty in reaching the next level. We were advised by the GJs that A3 India is best enjoyed when one has a Broadband connection, preferably more than 56kbps. You would require a minimum 256 MB RAM, but the recommended memory would be 512 MB RAM.

A3 India has a total number of 165 levels. But, the highest level reached by a Chennai-based gamer has been 141 so far.

The sound track is an eclectic mix of mystery, victory and melancholy with a touch of orchestra and Korean lyrics. Talking about in-game ethics, there hasn’t been any problems, as far as the breach in ethics is concerned.

Be part of this massive scene and get yourself registered for A3 India! It is totally worth it.